More super cute clothes for Cierra

30 May

Man I am on a roll…or I am obsessed 🙂 The other day I went to WalMart and found some bandanas on sale for $1. So of course who could pass up a great deal like that. I bought almost 1 or 2 of every pattern they had. Girls are so much fun to make things for. I wish it was easier to make “cool” things for my boys but I don’t think they would like skirts.

Here are the first 2 skirts. The last picture is the skirt that I made just like Cierra’s for my poor little niece who broke her arm while jumping in a bouncy house. Ouch! And because she lives in Florida and I live in Oklahoma I couldn’t measure her arm to make a cute sling like I did last year for my son Kizaiah. So I made a bunch of felt flower pins so that she could attach them to her boring hospital issued sling, plus once her cast is off she can use the pins to decorate headbands or shirts. Hope that she likes them.

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