Time flys when you are surfing pinterest

7 May

Well over the past month I have been crafting quit a bit.  I think I can blame most of it on Pinterest. Why didn’t I come up with that idea. Love that site and am totally hooked for sure. Anyway here is just a couple of things that I’ve been inspired to make.

Strawberry Shortcake embroidery. This will eventually be a throw pillow for Cierra’s bed.

Revamping this legging/skirt combo into a skirt with shorts and a matching headband. We got these legging things from Wal-Mart super cheap in the winter but Oklahoma has crazy weather and once we bought her these the weather changed so fast. Now it’s hot and definitely shorts weather. She love skirts. I do plan on making her some super easy and cute skirts and dresses but in the mean time I will be revamping some of her winter clothes and making them more warm weather friendly. I made these this morning in less than an hour. Love instant gratification!

Menu picture frame. Being a stay at home mom one of my many duties is to make good healthy food for my family. With that being said I plan my meals for a 2 week period. Going shopping on or around paydays. I write them down and post the menu on the cluttered with art refrigerator but it never fails 4 times a day I answer the question ” What’s for dinner?” Hopefully this pretty little menu board helps.

Happy crafting or pinterest surfing…or both 🙂



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